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Primary Care Frequently Asked Questions

Medically reviewed by Meredith Goodwin, MD, FAAFP – Written by Megan Lentz
What is a primary care doctor?

Primary care physicians (PCPs) — also known as primary care providers — are a vital part of your preventive care and wellness. All your routine care needs such as annual physicals, vaccinations, and lab work can be addressed by your PCP.

A PCP can be a family medicine provider, internist, or some other healthcare professionals who practice general medicine.

By working with other members of your healthcare team, your PCP can help you manage your overall health.

How often should I see a PCP?

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It's recommended that you see a primary care doctor once a year. You may need to see them more often if you have new healthcare concerns or are living with a chronic health condition.

What procedures do PCPs perform?

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Primary care physicians can perform the following procedures:

This is not an exhaustive list. Reach out to your PCP to find out what they can do or what might need a referral to a specialist.

What conditions do PCPs treat?

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Primary care physicians can treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. Some conditions your PCP may be able to treat are:

PCPs are also great resources for all of your health concerns. Even if you see your PCP for a condition that they don't directly treat, they can help refer you to a specialist.

Types of PCPs

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The following are specific types of primary care physicians:

  • Family practitioners can treat everyone in your family, regardless of age.
  • Internists only treat adults.
  • Geriatricians specialize in treating older adults.
  • Pediatricians specialize in treating babies and children under the age of 18.

You can also receive primary care from a physician's assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (NP).

What should I ask a PCP?

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Top questions to ask a primary care physician during your next appointment include:

  • Do you have a specialty or area of interest?
  • Are there vitamins or supplements you recommend?
  • Do you recommend seeing a specialist? Can you refer me to one?
  • What are common health concerns for people my age? What can I do to reduce my risk?
  • Can I manage this condition with diet and lifestyle changes?
  • Is this test necessary? Are there other tests you recommend?
  • Do you have recommendations for managing my weight?
  • How much sleep should I get at night? What can I do to improve my sleep?