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There are 8 General Surgeons in Lawrence, KS and 50% of those with reviews are rated 4-star or higher. Popular hospitals in the area include LMH Health, AdventHealth Shawnee Mission and Menorah Medical Center.
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  • Bariatric Surgery (1)


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Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction
  • 5 Stars (3)
  • 4 Stars And Higher (4)
  • 3 Stars And Higher (4)
  • 2 Stars And Higher (5)
  • 1 Star And Higher (5)

Affiliated Facility

Affiliated Facility
  • LMH Health (7)
  • AdventHealth Shawnee Mission (1)
  • Menorah Medical Center (1)
  • University Of Kansas Hospital (1)
  • Olathe Medical Center (1)
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8 Results for General Surgery near Lawrence, KS
Photo: Dr. Nicole Fearing, MD

Dr. Nicole Fearing, MD

Bariatric Surgery
4.8 (37)
Accepting new patients
19 years of experience
Offers telehealth
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On staff at Menorah Medical Center

General Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

What is a general surgeon?

Despite the name, a general surgeon is a highly skilled doctor who specializes in a variety of surgical procedures, including minimally invasive surgery. Though they may go on to specialize further in one area of the body, all surgeons start out in general surgery and require rigorous training to know:

  • How wounds heal
  • How to treat blood clots
  • How the immune system works
  • How a healthy body functions
  • How to identify and treat infections

General surgeons are also trained to operate on various parts of the body, including:

  • The esophagus and related organs
  • The abdomen, stomach organs, and intestines
  • The skin, breast, and soft tissues
  • The endocrine system

What conditions does a general surgeon treat?

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General surgeons treat a broad range of conditions, including:

  • Hernias — often the result of heavy lifting or prolonged strain, internal tissues or organs protrude through weak areas of muscle
  • Varicose veins — occur when blood pools in a vein due to weakened valves, giving the veins an enlarged or twisted appearance
  • Gastrointestinal diseases — includes appendicitis, ulcers, gastritis, and more
  • Certain cancers — includes breast cancer, endocrine cancer, and gastrointestinal cancers
  • Abdominal pain — can result from infections, inflammatory conditions, blockages, tumors, and more

To find out if a general surgeon near you treats your condition, we recommend contacting the hospital or clinic where they provide care.

What procedures does a general surgeon perform?

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General surgeons are trained in a variety of procedures, including:

  • Appendectomy — surgery to remove the appendix due to inflammation or infection
  • Colectomy — surgery to remove portions of the bowel, either for repair or cancer
  • Esophagectomy – surgery used to repair or remove portions of the esophagus
  • Gall Bladder Removal — provides relief to people suffering from gallstones
  • Gastrectomy — used to provide relief to people suffering from stomach issues
  • Hernia repair — surgery to treat bulges and repair tears in weakened muscle
  • Mastectomy — removal of one or both breasts, often used to treat breast cancer
  • Thyroid Gland removal — often used to remove tumors on the Thyroid gland
  • Wound repair — surgery to repair tissue and treat major wounds
  • Varicose vein removal — surgery to remove enlarged veins where blood pools

To learn the complete list of procedures a general surgeon performs near you, we recommend contacting the hospital or clinic where they provide care.

When should I go to see a general surgeon?

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There are many situations where you might go to a general surgeon, including elective surgeries, medical emergencies, or because other treatments for your condition haven’t worked.

Elective surgeries are typically non-life-threatening procedures that you and your surgeon schedule in advance to alleviate pain, manage a condition, and help you live more comfortably.

Medical emergencies include any procedure that needs immediate attention, such as trauma to the body, hernias, appendicitis, and more.

If your primary care physician believes that non-surgical care isn’t enough to alleviate your symptoms or improve your condition, they may refer you to a general surgeon.

What can I expect during my general surgery appointment?

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A typical visit to a general surgeon will include an evaluation to make sure surgery is the best option for you. You can expect your general surgeon to explain any recommended procedures and answer any questions you have about those procedures. You’ll also be given instructions on how to prepare for your operation, including:

  • Tests you may need to take
  • Medications you may need to stop or start taking
  • How long before your procedure before you have to stop eating and drinking

In addition to these instructions, your surgeon will walk you through what to expect during your recovery. If surgery requires you to stay at the hospital after, you’ll find out how long you can expect to be in the hospital and be given post-operative instructions for when you return home.

What questions should I ask my general surgeon?

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Going into an appointment with a surgeon can be a nerve-wracking experience. By preparing beforehand, you can walk into and out of your appointment feeling more confident about your options. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled this list of great questions for you to ask your surgeon:

  • What is the name of the procedure you’re recommending?
  • Why do I need this procedure?
  • Are there any alternatives to this procedure?
  • Are there any non-surgical treatments I can try first?
  • What happens if I elect to not have this surgery?
  • What are the benefits of this surgery and how long will they last?
  • What risks or potential complications exist for this procedure?
  • Should I get a second opinion?
  • What kind of anesthesia will be used?
  • Where will you perform this surgery?
  • What can I expect during my recovery?
  • What are the costs of this procedure?

Before your procedure, make sure you communicate any feelings, concerns, or questions you may have. Don’t be afraid to take notes, bring a family member with you, or ask for additional resources you can take home with you.