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There are 6 Sports Medicine Specialists in Bowling Green, KY and 50% of those with reviews are rated 4-star or higher. Popular hospitals in the area include The Medical Center At Bowling Green, The Medical Center At Albany and T.J. Samson Community Hospital.
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Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction
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Affiliated Facility

Affiliated Facility
  • The Medical Center At Bowling Green (4)
  • The Medical Center At Albany (1)
  • T.J. Samson Community Hospital (1)
  • Tristar Greenview Regional Hospital (1)
  • The Medical Center At Scottsville (1)
  • The Medical Center at Franklin (1)
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6 Results for Sports Medicine near Bowling Green, KY
Photo: Dr. James Heltsley, DO

Dr. James Heltsley, DO

Orthopedic Surgery
4.6 (10)
Accepting new patients
Offers telehealth
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Physicians participating in the referral service program have chosen to participate, are in good standing at our hospitals and have not paid a fee to participate. They are credentialed to perform the service you have requested and are accepting new patients. They do not have a financial interest in another hospital or facility in this area and are not employed by or have an ownership interest in a competitive health care system. To ensure patients have a reasonable number of physician choices, the program includes physicians who may not have privileges at our hospital but have an office location in our hospital's primary service area or have been granted access to our hospital's clinical information systems. Physicians who are employed or engaged by an HCA affiliated physician practice or offering online appointment scheduling are referred first with others referred on a randomized basis to match your individual needs with consideration for the preferences you have expressed.
(304) 306-8500
On staff at Tristar Greenview Regional Hospital

Sports Medicine Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sports medicine specialist?

A sports medicine specialist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats conditions of the musculoskeletal system, including your bones, muscles, and joints. Unlike an orthopedic surgeon who treats musculoskeletal system disorders, sports medicine specialists focus on more conservative and non-operative therapies to treat and prevent injuries.

What conditions do sports medicine specialists treat?

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Despite its name, sports medicine specialists treat a wide variety of conditions that affect various people. Some of the common conditions sports medicine specialists treat include:

What procedures do sports medicine specialists perform?

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A sports medicine specialist’s goal is to help you prevent and recover from injury without needing an operation. Some of the procedures they perform include:

  • exercise counseling for patients who want to improve their fitness
  • lifestyle counseling, which includes nutrition, supplements, ergogenic aids, and more
  • prescribing medications to reduce swelling and pain
  • safe strength training and other strength-building exercises
  • splints used to stabilize injured areas
  • range of motion, stretching, and mobility exercises
  • treatments that stimulate healing, such as massage, sound wave, heat and cold, and electric

In the event surgery is necessary, a sports medicine specialist can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon.

When should I speak with a sports medicine specialist?

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Some of the most common reasons for speaking with a sports medicine specialist include treatment for acute and chronic sports injuries.

Acute sports injuries happen suddenly, often when exercising, playing a sport, or completing compound movement activities. Symptoms of acute injuries include:

  • a bone or joint that appears out of place
  • muscle weakness or loss of movement
  • sudden pain
  • swelling

Chronic sports injuries worsen and develop through repetition and time, usually from regularly performing an activity or training too hard. Symptoms of chronic injuries include:

  • pain or a dull ache that persists even when you rest
  • swelling that does not go away
  • tenderness and pain when moving or exercising

What can I expect from my first sports medicine specialist appointment?

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A typical first exam with a sports medicine specialist will include a physical exam that tests your ability to perform activities safely. Your doctor will show you a combination of exercises and any required equipment. Typically, your sports medicine specialist will also provide information about nutrition and other healthy lifestyle activities.

What questions should I ask my sports medicine specialist?

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It’s important that you prepare for your appointment with a sports medicine specialist. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of good questions to ask your doctor for some of the most common visit types:

Injury prevention

  • What are some safe exercises to help prevent ligament tears in my shoulder, knee, etc.?
  • How often should I be training if I want to avoid repetitive strain injuries?
  • What equipment do you recommend to help prevent sports injuries?
  • Should I wear a mouthguard?

Injury recovery

  • How long should I rest after this sports injury?
  • Should I apply heat or cold to a muscle injury?
  • Do you think I need an X-ray?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of a concussion?
  • What therapies do you recommend for treating overuse injuries?
  • What can you tell me about joint swelling?
  • How soon can I get back to exercising?

Diet and nutrition

  • How much water should I drink during exercise?
  • Are energy drinks good or bad for my health?
  • Do you recommend any foods to prevent muscle cramps?
  • What type of nutrition do you recommend for my level of training?
  • Are there any supplements you recommend for athletes?


  • What are some excellent warm-up exercises?
  • How often should I train a muscle group?
  • How much should I rest in between sets and training sessions?
  • Are there any exercises I should avoid based on my condition?
  • How can I improve my fitness for better strength, performance, and endurance?
  • What are some good stretches and mobility exercises?

You may use these questions as a starting point, but feel free to add your own. A good practice is to also ask for additional information and take notes during your appointment.